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Buckrail – The Berry Fire has been burning on the slopes above Owl Creek since its discovery on July 25. Over three weeks, the fire burned approximately 80 acres and has recently increased in activity as fuels continue to dry. Spread to the north and east of the origin has increased the risk to hikers in the area. Current fire size is 430 acres.

The following trails have been closed for public safety:

  • Glade Creek Trail
  • Owl-Berry Cutoff Trail
  • Berry Creek Trail from Glade Creek to Hechtman Creek
  • Owl Creek Trail three miles west of Cutoff to Webb Canyon junction

Hazardous Conditions include torching trees, spot fires, and potential for crown fires. Fire activity varies with weather, fuel and topographic conditions. A smoldering fire may quickly transition into a fast-moving crown fire. Snags and pockets of hot ash increase risk in recently burned areas.289143f1 7da1 411b A1c9 3790ec92458c


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