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Buckrail- Flagg Ranch and Headwaters Campground evacuated as of 7 a.m. Tuesday 8/23/2016 due to the Berry Fire.

Rangers are in place to assist with the evacuation, and those in the area should follow the instructions of officials.  According to officials, if you feel you are in danger at any time, you should evacuate immediately whether or not you have received a notification.

US Hwy 89/ 191/287 is still closed  north and south bound between Flag Ranch and Leeks Marina until further notice. No access to Yellowstone National Park at this time from Grand Teton National Park. Trail closures are also in place.

There is no estimated time for reopening of the highway nor lifting of the evacuation order.  Currently, Lizard Creek Campground, Headwaters Campground, and Flagg Ranch are under an evacuation order from Grand Teton National Park.

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