My name is Frank Daly. I am working on a project for my fifth grade year at Journeys School of Teton Science Schools. I have lived in Jackson Hole my whole life, and for my whole life I have heard about people getting in dangerous situations with the local wildlife. I don’t know why, but that rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s because I feel like we should treat wildlife the way we want to be treated by them. For example, they should have the right to live where they want to, and not have to move because we are building in their natural habitat. I think that it is important to communicate about how to live safely around wildlife because there needs to be a balance between enjoying the wildlife around us, and putting ourselves in danger.

Frank is helping to promote the next event in the Alliance’s Summer Speaker Series, entitled “Learning to Coexist with the Wildlife of Jackson Hole” by Kim Titchener, a human- wildlife specialist from Alberta, Canada, who will share her ideas and experiences from working with communities, governments and industry on living with wildlife safely and helping to keep them on the landscape. Join Frank and the Alliance on Tuesday, September 6th, at 6pm at the Old Wilson Schoolhouse.


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