Fire Restrictions

Buckrail- As red flag conditions continue throughout the western states, community members are urged to be very careful with fire.

Tuesday morning, discarded charcoal briquettes from the evening before dinner, ignited a burn pile next to where the ashes were deposited.  This fire was quickly extinguished but could have easily spread to become a significant fire event.

Currently, fire restrictions in Teton County and the Town of Jackson prohibit open burning.

“Think about how fires can start,” said Fire Marshal Kathy Clay. “Your tail pipe on your vehicle is hot enough to start a fire.  Sparks from grinding can land in dry grasses, cutting dry grass with a mower and hitting a rock has the potential to ignite a fire, and cigarettes should be carefully discarded.”  Until wetting rains arrive in the valley, Clay recommends extreme caution and care be taken by all residents and visitors.

“We cannot control lightning starts,” Clay stated. “But we can prevent human-caused fire by being smart.”

Currently, government offices are receiving many citizen concerns about neighbor’s burning.  Fire Marshal Clay is taking these calls and responding accordingly.  She may be reached at 307-733-4732.

Feature Photo: Berry Fire in Grand Teton National Park. h/t Rhonda Ashton / Pitchengine Communities 

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