Berry Fire

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Tie Fire

Size: 1014 acres

Closures: A Tie Canyon Fire Area Closure is in effect. This includes areas west of Pole Canyon, Tie Canyon Road 252 and Upper Rainey Creek Road 253.

Summary: After nearly a week of heavy water delivery by airtankers and engines, the Tie fire did not grow Monday. It is currently burning 1,014 acres.

Additional handcrews and engines arrived Monday to support water handling and line construction efforts. Crews on the southern flanks successfully “plumbed” water lines which firefighters can now use to extinguish hot spots. The art of connecting hoses, pumps and maintaining adequate pressure through mountainous terrain is referred to as plumbing a hoselay. These hoselays will reduce the need for aircraft support and speed containment efforts that will take place over the next several days.

A taskforce of eight engines are assigned to the northern flank of the fire. They will spend today and tomorrow working 200 feet into the fire area to thoroughly look for heat and hot spots. On Monday, these firefighters observed several interior trees torching that required attention. They extinguished the spot and will ensure additional hot spots were not created in the flare up. Winds from the south will help firefighters find hot spots today and tomorrow. They are working to ensure no heat remains in order to allow a Level 1 evacuation notice that has been in place since August 23 can be lifted sometime later this week.

Berry Fire

Size: 13,177 acres

Closures: Highway 89/191/287 is open!! While the Highway is open, there are still area and trail closures within Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks and Bridger-Teton National Forest. Current closure maps are available at

Summary: Successful efforts by firefighters to make Highway 89/191/287 safe for travel have allowed the road to be opened this morning. Please drive carefully through the stretch of highway from Leeks Marina to the South Gate entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The highway pullouts along the highway in the fire area will be closed. Firefighting traffic will continue to use the roadway, the parking pullouts, and Flagg Ranch as parking areas and supply staging zones. However, the parking area at the north entrance sign to Grand Teton National Park will be available to the public. Please drive through the fire area cautiously, as fire traffic will continue to use the road.

Activity increased on the Berry Fire on Monday due to the atmospheric instability combined with warm temperatures and low humidity. The majority of the fire activity occurred on the west side of Jackson Lake, south of Wilcox Canyon. The large smoke column actually assisted firefighters working on the eastern side of the highway by shading out the fire on that side of the lake. Structure protection measures put in place by firefighters at Flagg Ranch will remain in place. While the probability of the fire reaching the Ranch is low, pumps, hoses, and other equipment will be kept there to be available if needed.

A meteorologist assigned to the Berry Fire has advised the crews that today’s weather will be very similar to yesterday’s. In fact, it will be a few degrees warmer and there is a slight chance of a thunderstorm. Atmospheric instability contributes to rapid fire growth and pyrocumulus cloud formation. This morning is already warmer and drier than the past several days have been, and humidity recovery was marginal overnight, allowing the fire to continue to burn. An inversion is possible over the fire area this morning.

Maple Fire

Size: 31,405 acres

Closures: Campsite WA1. The entire Gneiss Creek trail is closed from the Gneiss Creek Trailhead (WK7) to Seven Mile Bridge trailhead (WK8). This includes the Cougar Cabin trail. The Purple Mountain Trail is closed. The Boundary Trail is closed. The Riverside Trail is closed.

Summary: Located approximately 3.9 miles northeast of the community of West Yellowstone, and 3.5 miles southwest of Mount Holmes Lookout, 1.75 miles from Madison Junction.

Buffalo Fire

Size: 3,232 acres

Closures: Campsites— 2S1, 2S2, 2S3, 2S4, 2S6, 2S7, 2S8 Trails—Buffalo Fork trail from the trailhead at Slough Creek north to the park boundary. The Slough Creek trail and associated day use area will be closed as fire activity dictates. Bliss Pass Trail between Slough Creek and Pebble Creek trail will be closed as fire activity dictates.

Summary: The Buffalo fire is located approximately 3 miles northeast of Tower Junction and 3 miles south of the park boundary, and is visible from the Lamar Valley.

The Fawn Fire

Size: 1,971 acres

Closures: Campsites—WB1, WB3, WB4 and WB6 Trails—Bighorn Pass trail eastbound at the junction of the cut-off trail to the Fawn Pass trail; Bighorn Pass trail westbound at Bighorn Pass; Fawn Pass trail eastbound at the junction of the cut-off trail to the Big Horn Pass trail; Fawn Pass trail westbound at campsite 1F2; the cut-off trail between Bighorn and Fawn Pass trails is open.

Summary: The Fawn fire is located west of Fawn Pass, 11 miles west of Mammoth Hot Springs, 16 miles northeast of West Yellowstone, 13 miles southwest of Gardiner, and 35 miles southeast of Big Sky.

Central Fire

Size: .1 acres

Summary: Located 9 miles west of the Lake developed area and 2 miles south of Hayden Valley. It is off the NW corner of the 2015 Spurce fire which is expected to block growth to the east. Currently the fire is burning in mature lodgepole pine.

Boundary Fire

Size: 192 acres

Closures: Nearby roads and areas

Summary: Located approximately four miles north of West Yellowstone and just inside the Yellowstone National Park boundary. The Boundary fire is 90 percent contained. Firefighters continue securing the fire’s edge and are working deeper into the interior of the fire removing hazard trees as appropriate and safe to do so.

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