Bear Cub In Melody

Jackson Hole News & Guide, John R. Moses- A black bear cub had game wardens scrambling Monday morning and afternoon as they tracked its wanderings through the Melody Ranch, 3 Creek and Rafter J neighborhoods.

At least one motorist snapped a photo of the bear as it wandered at the intersection of Cortland Drive and Kestrel Lane on the bike path.

Wyoming Game and Fish spokesman Mark Gocke said the isolated bear sighting is a sign of the season.

“It’s a good reminder for us to button-up our bear attractants,” Gocke said.

Experts monitored the situation throughout the day after getting calls about the wandering bruin.

“As far as they know, the employees who tracked the bear saw no signs of food rewards or the bear getting into any mischief,” Gocke said.

The bear was described as having cinnamon-colored fur and darker legs.

The bear made its way through the 3 Creek area and toward the Snake River, where it is expected to stick around and enjoy some pretty good bear habitat, Gocke said.

Mentioning the two bruins killed in Grand Teton National Park by hit-and-run motorists Sunday night, Gocke said people can avoid such wildlife interactions if they keep their eyes out for bears, moose, bison and other animals that might wander onto roadways — particularly while walking or driving in a national park.

“Bears will just continue to be more active throughout the summer,” Gocke said.

Some tips on wildlife interaction at home and away from a 2015 release on include:

• Be especially watchful during times of low light. Moose can be difficult to see at night.

• Never crowd an animal or surround it. Always allow an animal an easy escape route.

• Always control pets while walking them and make sure there are no wildlife around before letting animals out of the house.

• View and photograph animals from a distance.

• Avoid feeding wildlife because it often attracts wildlife into conflict situations (i.e., roads, fences, landscaping, pets, etc.)

Photo courtesy of Realtor Bomber Bryan took who this photo of a bear cub wandering on a bike path near Kestrel Lane in Melody Ranch Monday. The photo was quickly swapped across social media pages.


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