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Misbehaving Moose- With the onset of the fall rut, moose become more active and tend to rub their antlers on anything they can find. Consequently, this time of year the Jackson office typically receives numerous calls of moose in town or bull moose with their antlers entangled in a variety of objects including fencing, rope swings, wind chimes, Christmas lights, lawn furniture, hammocks and so on. This September nearly all of the regional Wildlife Division personnel got to respond to a number of reports of moose with a variety of things in their antlers, injured moose or moose in potentially dangerous settings including subdivisions and city parks.

Bad Badger- In early August, South Jackson Game Warden Kyle Lash responded to a call from the Flat Creek Inn Gas Station that there was a badger that wouldn’t leave the front door of their business. After evaluating the situation, Warden Lash decided he would try to capture the animal and move it. Lash was successful in subduing the animal with a catch pole and got it into a pet carrier for transport. The badger got a free ride to a release site north of Jackson well away from homes and people.

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